Screaming Woman



No known relatives

The Screaming Woman was the first of the twelve ghosts to be imprisoned in the mansion of Dr. Plato Zorba.



Nothing is known about the Screaming Woman's life, who she was, what she did or how she died.

After DeathEdit

Following her death, the Screaming Woman's spirit remained on Earth, unable to move on due to unresolved issues. During Dr. Zorba's travels around the world, he found and captured the Screaming Woman and imprisoned her in his mansion.

When Dr. Zorba was murdered and became the twelfth ghost, Cyrus Zorba and his family moved into the mansion. One night, when Cyrus investigates the cellar and puts on the spectral viewers, the Screaming Woman and three of the other ghosts appear to him.

The Screaming Woman and the other eleven ghosts presumably crossed over when Benjamin Rush died and became the thirteenth ghost.

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