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Royce Clayton/The Torn Prince
Torn Prince

Deceased (1957/1958); ghost still bound to earth

No known relatives

The Torn Prince is the ghost of Royce Clayton and the fifth ghost in The Black Zodiac.



Royce was born in 1940, and was discovered to be a gifted baseball player in high school, despite his attitude problems and superiority complex. As a destined, all-star player, he was offered first-class scholarships from various colleges, all of them offering him the best oportunity to leave his small town life.

However, when Royce was 17, Johnny, a greaser challenged him to a drag race, but unbeknowist to Royce, had cut a brake line in his car prior to the event. This, of course, caused Royce to lose control of the car; resulting in an accident which tore a large amount of flesh off of his chest, as well as the right side of his face. This incident quickly ended Royce's life. 

After DeathEdit

Royce's body was buried in a plot of earth overlooking the local baseball diamond. Following Royce's death, his spirit remained bound to earth, and was later captured by Cyrus Kriticos to become the Torn Prince. The Torn Prince was then moved to the basement of Basileus's Machine with the other eleven ghosts.

Torn Prince

The symbol of the Torn Prince

As a ghost, he still carried his wooden baseball bat and would attack nearly anyone with it within close proximity. Dennis Rafkin and Ben Moss encounter the Torn Prince in his containment cube in the basement, with The Torn Prince terrifying Dennis. Later, when the walls of the house shift, Dennis becomes trapped with the Torn Prince in his containment cube, until, with Maggie's assistance, he dodges the Prince's attacks and escapes the containment cube through a closing opening.

When Arthur and Dennis try to get through the house to the basement, the Torn Prince is the eleventh ghost to be released. He viciously attacks the two, but they use a detached wall as a shield against his attacks. However, when the Torn Prince doesn't give up, the two use the pane to ram him into another wall, defeating the ghost.

Shortly after, a Latin chant causes the Torn Prince, along with the other eleven ghosts, to go to the centre of the machine and power it up. When the Torn Prince and the other ghosts are freed from the trance, they throw Cyrus into a rotating crest of rings. The house then explodes, destroying its walls, and freeing The Torn Prince and the other eleven ghosts.


  • In his containment cube, the overturned car which killed Royce can be seen behind him.
  • The video narrated by Cyrus that explains the Torn Prince's backstory states that his car exploded and that this is what killed him. However, most other, less direct sources state that it flipped over, dragging Royce under it. The overturned car behind the Torn Prince in his containment cube would indicate that the latter source is how Royce truly died.
  • The noises associated with Royce's prescence are violent and angry wails.
  • The Latin inscription beneath The Torn Prince's symbol in The Arcanum, "Eques Scissus" translates to "Rent Knight". Rent is another word for "Torn".
  • He is the third male ghost in the zodiac.
  • His ghost file is represented by a baseball trophy.

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