Party Boy (Splitting Adam)

  • I live in Swellview
  • I was born on April 21
  • My occupation is Hanging Out
  • I am Male
  • Party Boy (Splitting Adam)

    You Guys Might Call Me An Idiot Or A Moron But I Watch 13 Ghosts & I Think It Is A Cool Movie & I Have To Say I Sure Do Feel Bad For The Angry Princess,The Jackal,The Juggernaut,The Bound Woman,The Torn Prince,The Hammer,The First Born Son,The Torso,Jean Kriticos,The Pilgrimess,The Great Child,The Dire Mother & You Guys Might Hate Me Or Cuss Me Out For Saying This But I Don't Think They Desrvse To Get Kill By Mops Of People Or Cheating Boyfriends Or Nighbour Kid & I Must Say That Cyrus Guy Got What Coming To Him For Locking Those Poor Ghosts Up In The Glass Container Cube Thing. This Might Sound Stupid But I Would Give Them A Hug To Make Them Feel That I Care For Them After What Happen To Them In Life. This Might Sound Stupid But I Don't U…

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